Direction and Prayer

Since moving to California, I started blogging to give hope to those who are struggling with infertility.  I remember how often I needed some hope to get through the six years of infertility we struggled through and I wanted to do something to offer encouragement.

I’m thinking about taking it another step and volunteering to start a Resolve group here in San Diego county.  I remember just wanting to be around other women that I could talk with in person that understood me.  I remember it was so nice meeting new people that didn’t ask if I had any kids as the first question out of their mouths and then the awkward silence when they didn’t seem to have anything else to talk about.  It was nice to joke with them too because they understood what it was like to go through the same struggle.  You have to have humor!

I’m writing just a short post today.  I worry that other women won’t want someone who has had a baby as the facilitator.  I’m going to take some more time to think about it.  Your thoughts?